TORQ Electron Co, Ltd.has registered two trademarks TORQ and SP,Is China's only professional factory brake rectifier,There are more than 200 kinds of models of brake rectifier,(Many models do not show on the page above,Please Email to us or skype or QQ to us,We will reply you carefully),Can be used in above 0.1¡«100KW brake motor,Rated output current 0.7A to above 10A,According to customer requirements to provide output voltage from 24VDC to 500VDC,Power supply voltage AC24V ~ 600V,Can be used to replace the damaged most models of brake rectifier power supply,Can provide customers with high quality OEM products......
TORQ Electron Co, Ltd. have the honor consignment brand INTORQ,NORD (LR76927 series),SIEMENS,REACH,etc. electromagnetic brake.
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